Friday, September 28, 2012

Peach Wedding Delight - A Vintage Garden

Hi, everyone. Good morning, lovelies!
To bride-to-be, do take a sneak peak at this gorgeous and beautiful peach wedding. Love it for it's vintage look!

Top pic: Love it! That's how you bring nature inside!

Groomsmen in grey & bridesmaids in peach

Flowing bridesmaids dresses

The couple had so many cakes!

The gorgeous peachy centerpiece

The wonderful tablescape

Confetti for their wedding exit. Sweet wedding!

Lovelies, you can check out Wedding Chicks for more gorgeous pictures of this peach vintage garden wedding for more inspiration!

p/s - Kudos to the photographers for the awesome and wonderful pictures and florists for the decoration! and ooh, the cakes too!  Love 'em!

Source: Wedding Chicks

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bridal Shoes - Tips For Choosing The Right Pair

Assalamualaikum & hi everyone!

Today, I will share some tips to find the right pair of shoes on our wedding day!

"A perfect wedding needs a perfect wedding dress and a perfect wedding dress needs a pair of perfect shoes."

However, there are a lot of available shoes to choose from and for some of us, the "process" of picking the right bridal shoes might drive us crazy. Why? Because with so many designs, styles and types, we might be lost and confused in the mission of finding the right pair.

Based on my own experience, I can imagine that shopping and choosing the perfect pair for wedding will be tough as usually it is difficult for me to choose a pair whenever I went to shoe shop. Normally, I would spend about 45 mins to 1 hour (or more) just to try (and try and try) a pair after another until I finally finalized the top 3 shoes and lastly, which is also the most difficult part, to pick a pair and stick with that choice till I reach the cashier. When queuing to make payment, it's sort of a habit of me (as I seem unsure and uncertain that I've made the right decision by choosing that pair of shoes) of asking my shopping partner whether that pair is pretty or not in order to have the feeling of "yes, I've made the right choice and it's pretty".*sigh* Yes, I believe that is one of the symptoms of chronic shoe shopaholic. In fact, if I were to make statistic of my shopping purchases, shoes will definitely be on top as I normally shop for shoe. Having a whole closet full of shoes is my dream. Wahaha, crazy me.

Mariah Carey's shoe closet a.k.a room

So, for those out there, having the same situation as me, hopefully this entry will try help you, bride-to-be, in shopping for the right pair of shoes for your wedding.

#1 The Key is Comfort
Can you walk in your shoes? Will they be comfortable after a few hours? Yes, my dear. These are important questions that we should ask ourselves and bear in mind when buying a bridal shoes. We want our wedding day to be beautiful, romantic and fun at the same time, therefore, it is crucial for the couple, especially the bride to remember that we will be on our feet for most of the day. Especially for future bride-to-be like us, we will have solemnization session as well as normally two receptions to go for. Thus, most of the time we will be wearing shoes such as when meeting and greeting the guests as well as for photo shoot session . For sure you would not want a pair unsuitable shoes and aching feet to ruin your mood on your big day. Thus, focus on finding comfortable shoes such as a pair that has soles of a special cushioned padding to keep your feet happy all day long.

#2 The Wedding Dress
The Design of Dress
Yes, the design of your wedding dress does influence the type of bridal shoes. A simple advice that I found is  if you have a highly detailed dress, choose simple shoes. Elaborate shoes, on the other hand, will absolutely go well when you don a simple wedding dress. However, if you believe you can pull off the shoe style that you want, go ahead. It's your big day, and you should wear what you love. 

There is a wedding boutique, Weddings Galore, located in Bandar Baru Bangi, which recently offers customers rental and custom made bridal shoes starting this October. This can be an alternative for bride-to-be that does not want to spend much time and money in shopping for shoes at shopping mall for the big day. Take a look at their first batch babies of bridal shoes!

The Material and Colour of Dress
It is possible for you to have bridal shoes made with the same material as your wedding dress. This would be   lovely and complement the outfit completely. Same goes for the colour of your shoes. For example, a pristine white wedding dress will work best with a pale pearl colour while an off-white gown goes best with pearl or ivory-coloured shoes. Therefore, girls, concentrate on colour that matches your dress and know its shades. For instant, there are different kinds of white. White has shades such as ivory white, eggshell, pearl white, diamond white, cream and satin white. This can be confusing, but when you learn about the different shades of colours and their names, you will be thrilled. You will realised that the world isn't just about blue and green because there are many other shades and hues of those colours (seems like maybe I should do an entry on colours and hues, next time,haha). 

An important and practical tips is to cut a swatch or take a snap of your wedding dress and bring it when you shop for shoes. Make comparison. 

#3 Pick The Right Heel Height
Wear a pair of heels that you are comfortable with its heights. If you do not normally wear other kind of heels or stilettos such as one with platform, try to avoid it. Besides that, make sure the length of your dress or train is suitable with the heels that you'll be wearing. This is in order to avoid you dragging your own dress or perching above your ankle and to further accommodate the shoes' height.

In this case, do bring your bridal shoes when you try the wedding dress or bring one that is similar in heights.

#4 Choose Shoes Compatible With Your Surroundings
If you are planning to have an outdoor reception, consider shoes such as kitten heels in order to avoid your heels from being stuck and to help you to easily move around. Probably you can choose wedges and flats. These are not awkward choices as in the western countries, these types of shoes are common on wedding day by the brides. For example, flat sandals are preferred for a beach wedding and pretty boots for country weddings. 

#5 Shopping For Shoes
Lastly is when shopping for bridal shoes, you may shop towards the end of the day or preferably during warmer weather in the afternoon. This is because during this time, your feet will have swelled lightly or mengembang and thus, will give an indication of the size they will be after hours of walking and wearing shoes. 

#6 Wear In Advance
Other than that, do wear your shoes before the big day to ensure that your feet is comfortable with that pair of shoes. Start wearing them around the house in advance for increasingly long periods of time, while standing and walking around. Do not wait till the day of the wedding to wear the shoes. This will help to uncover any problem that may arise by the shoes such as too slippery on tiled or wooden surfaces or slightly tight. If they are slippery, you can buy sole pads and put them inside the shoes to have more grip. If slightly, tight, wear a light pair of socks. However, if they are too tight, do consider to find another back up pair.

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