Saturday, November 24, 2012

Journey For The GuestBook!

Assalamualaikum & Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday (Friday), I had a revision class in Sunway. huhu. Actually, the revision classes will be held till this Sunday. 3 days, consecutively, 8 a.m till 5 p.m. huhu. Unfortunately, I could only attend yesterday's class. Today, will be heading back to JB for a cousin's reception on Sunday. :D Wee, a wedding! 

So, in conjunction (cewahhh :P) with yesterday's class, we (me & fiance) went to Sunway Pyramid to shop some props and materials for our guest book & its table after the class. hee. ( I dragged him to go there, actually :P ) 

Since we were from Sunway College (SC), we went through under the Canopy Walk provided to reach Sunway Pyramid (SP). It took about 5 mins. So fast! and save costs! no need to pay for parking fees (as we parked nearby SC). hehe :D 

The canopy walk. Transparent roof.

That's SC

Along the way, we passed by Sunway International School (a new building, dah besar sangat sekarang, untung budak2 yang study kat situ, private school, kot! :P ) and Sunway Lagoon. The view was nice, could see Sunway Hotel & Resort and the Sunway City Hospital too from the canopy walk.

 On the way, we could see Shout Awards setting in Sunway Lagoon. Huge! Tapi, yang TAK BEST nya, time tengah azan maghrib, MC terpekik-pekik dekat situ. Sangat tak menghormati & budak-budak melayu kita (especially perempuan), time tu jugak tengah queue panjang-panjang, tak sabar-sabar nak masuk dalam venue Shout Awards tu. *palmface* Apa nak jadi dengan dorg ni.... :(

See that Shout Awards?

Back to our story, guess where we went to shop??? hehe. Of course, Daiso and Living Cabin (kebetulan dah ada depan Daiso). 

It was our first time in Daiso. Fiance was asking me so many questions (macam budak kecik pun ada :P) "Ni berapa harga ni?"  "Eh, nape semua takda price tag?". "Nape dorg tak letak harga ni? isyyy". Kte dah macam malas je nak layan pertanyaan bertubi-tubi dia tu..huhu. Last-last, dia nampak sendiri sign " Always at RM5" Hmmm, finally :P 

Then, he got pretty excited since everything is at RM5 and if possible, wanted to buy more than we need.
So what we bought for the guestbook table? 
Will update soon, as right now, packing up and getting ready for balik JB :)

Till then, lovelies.

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