Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopping: Guestbook & The Table Decor

Assalamualaikum & Hello Lovelies!

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at JB, an hour ago. :D
This is a continuance of the previous post, about the prep of our guestbook and guestbook table decor. 

We went to Daiso at Sunway Pyramid and bought these:

- 1 A4 sized photo frame
- 2 small sized photo frames
- 2 cute, small sized, white easels
- 2 craft punchers
- 1 set of paper embossers
- a packet of shiny, pretty little stars, leaves & flowers (utk tampal-tampal)

Each one of those was RM5. So, how much we spent? You do the maths. huhu :p 

All the stuffs bought at Daiso.

 Cute, white easels & A4 sized photo frame.

Small sized photo frames,  shiny little things, craft punchers & paper embosser.

Living Cabin
After shopping at Daiso, we went to Living Cabin.

And here are stuffs that we bought. Basically, they are the materials that I need to DIY our guestbook.

- 2 white, polka dot textured wrappers
- 4 set of stickers

Didn't plan to buy them, but once I saw those pretty little stickers, the idea popped up. huhu.
Planning to use some of those pretty and cute dimensional stickers on the cover of the guestbook and the others to decorate pages inside.

Got some bridal shower, wedding cakes, pen, ink and paper & groom themed stickers.

 This is my favourite! Too cute! :D

This one, nak pakai utk DIY signage Guestbook Table.

Finally, these are all the stuffs we bought, yesterday. :D

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